A woman in binoculars and gloves holding a small jewel

Mission and Vision

The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) represents Islamic art from three continents over 1,400 years.

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MIA sheds light on our origins to illuminate our future. Through safeguarding masterpiece collections of Islamic art and showcasing extraordinary exhibitions, MIA shares knowledge while spreading curiosity, understanding and joy.

Our Vision

MIA is a centre of knowledge and inspiration that makes the history of Islamic art and civilizations relevant for today and the future.

Our Mission

  1. To contribute to the understanding of Islamic art and civilization and its importance for world heritage
  2. To develop an appreciation for this heritage and ensure its relevancy
  3. To help build bridges of understanding across time, across cultures, and foster acceptance of diversity (through research and dialogue)
  4. To serve as a place where Islamic art and history comes alive through galleries, exhibitions and events promoting knowledge, inspiration and enjoyment

Is the Museum of Islamic Art a religious institution?

MIA houses a collection of artistic objects gathered from around the Islamic world with the goal of serving the cultural, artistic and social needs of our visitors. Although MIA is not a religious institution, we do offer prayer rooms and ablution facilities inside the museum building for all Muslim visitors.