Families and children

Iraqi Week at MIA

Past Event

The Museum of Islamic Art highlights its ongoing exhibition Baghdad: Eye’s Delight with a week celebrating Iraqi art and culture.

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Lectures & Tours

  • A Personal Journey of Modern Architecture of Baghdad with prolific architect Hisham A. Munir, Friday 17 February, 6pm
  • Curator-led tours, register here:
    • February 19, 12–1pm led by Reem Aboughazala in Arabic
    • February 23, 12–1pm led by Sheikha Aljohara Al-Thani in Arabic
  • Discussion Panel: The Abbasids in Baghdad and their links with Qatar, Monday 20 March, 5pm
  • A tour of Baghdad: Eye’s Delight exhibition, Wednesday 22 February

Join an art workshop

  • Kufic calligraphy workshop, 22–23 February 3–4pm
  • Walk-in creative sessions drawing inspiration from Kufah city in Iraq

Watch a film

  • A film about the life of ‘the father of Iraqi photography’ Latif Al Ani, Monday 22 February, 3pm
  • Marshes screened every Saturday & Tuesday in February, 3pm

Activities by MIA Library

  • Storytime in the MIA Atrium
  • Colouring sheet related to Baghdad, daily throughout Iraqi week from 9am–7pm

Explore our children’s activities during Iraqi Week activities (daily from 12–4pm)

  • Round City Lego
  • Playing Card Inspired by El Malwiya
  • Baghdad Café Worksheet
  • Arabic letters Soft play (Arabic calligraphy and translation that took place in Abbasid Iraq)