Lecture: Women and the Alhambra

Past Event

Join us at this lecture, under the title Women and the Alhambra: The Female Presence in Political, Architectural, Pictorial, and Symbolic Spaces, and the Calligraphic and Poetic Architecture of the Alhambra Palace, and gain insight into the history and culture of Al-Andalus (Andalusia).

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The Alhambra, as the main expression of the history of the Nasrid dynasty, was an enclave where both men and women were present during the trajectory of the Kingdom of Granada (13th-15th centuries).

Throughout this lecture, we will identify the feminine presence in the political, architectural, pictorial, and symbolic fields at the Alhambra, including an interesting exploration of the poetic and calligraphy facets of the Alhambra palace.

This lecture has been arranged by the New Ground Research Institute as part of an ongoing initiative that seeks to understand the history of Islam in Europe, and in combatting Islamophobia.

Speakers: Dr. Bárbara Boloix-Gallardo and Dr José Miguel Puerta Vílchez (University of Granada)