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Palestine: A Journey Through Time Book Display


The Museum of Islamic (MIA) library opens the doors of the rare book room to present a rare collection displaying special highlights of Palestine’s history. This open display comes as a way to show support for Palestine in its ongoing conflict and as a comfortable space for the public to glance at the history and beauty of Palestine.

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The MIA Rare Book room boasts a vast collection of rare books dating from 1615 to 1930 CE. These books were written by European travellers who aimed to showcase the beauty of Palestine's architecture, nature, culture, and customs. The following title was part of our display; this rare book has been digitised and is also available for online reading.

Rare Book Display: Picturesque Palestine, Sinai, and Egypt


Picturesque Palestine, Sinai, and Egypt by Wilson, Charles William, Sir, 1836-1905

Books about Palestine in the reading room

At the library majlis, visitors can read books about Palestine and write notes to hang on our ‘Support Palestine’ tree.

  • History of Jerusalem under the Moslems: from A.D. 650 to 1500. Author: Le Strange, G. (Guy), 1854-1933.
  • Ramla: city of Muslim Palestine, 715-1917: studies in history, archaeology and architecture. Author: Petersen, Andrew.
  • Islamic art and archaeology in Palestine. Author: Rosen-Ayalon, Myriam.
  • The Palestine papers: the end of the road? Author: Swisher, Clayton E.
  • Qatar: my second home: stories by children from Sudan, Iraq, and Palestine. Author: Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing.
  • The Islamic baths of Palestine. Author: Dow, Martin.
  • Evliya Tshelebi's travels in Palestine, 1648-1650. Author: Evliya ،Çelebi.
  • Abdel-Hamid's Palestine: rare century-old photographs from the private collection of the Ottoman sultan now published for the first time. Author: Landau, Jacob M.
  • The art of the Middle East, including Persia, Mesopotamia, and Palestine. Author: Woolley, Leonard.
  • Muhammadan architecture in Egypt and Palestine. Author: Briggs, Martin S. (Martin Shaw).
  • The home of fadeless splendour: or, Palestine of today. Author: Whittingham, George Napier.
  • Letters from Palestine from Captain A. C. Hamilton, Royal Engineers, to his mother. Author: Hamilton, A. C.
  • Labour of love: New approaches to Palestinian Embroidery. Author: The Palestinian Museum in Swiss.
  • Tunjur! Tunjur! Tunjur! : a Palestinian folktale 1st Amazon Children's Pub. Author: MacDonald, Margaret Read.
  • Palestinian art 1850-2005 1st ed. Author: Boullata, Kamal.
  • Palestinian embroidery: traditional "fallahi" cross-stitch 2nd ed. Author: Kawar, Widad.
  • The art of Palestinian embroidery. Author: El Khalidi, Leila.
  • Palestinian costume 1st University of Texas Press ed. Author Weir, Shelagh.
  • Palestinian costume. Author: Rajab, Jehan S.
  • La musique populaire Palestinienne. Author: Lama, Patrick.
  • Le patrimoine culturel Palestinien. Author: Sharīf, Māhir.
  • Studies on the ancient Palestinian world: presented to Professor F. V. Winnett on the occasion of his retirement on 1 July 1971. Author: Winnett, F. V. (Frederick Victor).