• Cuenca y Arista Tile Panel

    Cuenca y Arista Tile Panel


Tile Panel

Tile – Seville, Spain, 15th century

The geometric design of this tile panel is called ‘cuerda y arista’ (‘rope and edge’) because of the pattern’s resemblance to a braided textile.

The colours used include green, ochre, white and manganese. It was produced in the late 15th century in Spain in the ‘Hispano-Moresque’ style. Production of such ceramics was concentrated in Seville and neighbouring cities such as Malaga and Granada in Andalucía.

The patterning draws extensively from trade and cultural contacts with northern Africa, as well as local influences such as the Alhambra palace or the Mosque of Cordoba.

Tiles with the same pattern are in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Cuenca y Arista’ Tile Panel