Visiting the Library

Please consult the following guidelines before your visit to help us provide the best possible environment for study and research.

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General Information

  • Books cannot be borrowed or taken out of the library.
  • All personal items must be left in the provided lockers.
  • All children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Visitors are required to handle materials with care to avoid damage.
  • No pens may be used near the books.
  • Visitors are asked to show respect for other visitors by remaining quiet.
  • Any visitor who is disruptive will be asked to leave and their visiting privileges may be revoked.


  • Pencil and loose paper or notepads
  • Identification and small wallet
  • Laptop without case
  • Digital camera
  • Mobile phone with ringer off

Not Permitted

  • Food or drink
  • Backpacks, briefcases, laptop bags, purses or totes
  • Coats, umbrellas or bulky items
  • Scanners or other computer peripherals
  • Video camera or equipment