• Inspired by books Islamic Design

    Inspired by books Islamic Design



Amber Rauf is a contemporary artist with many professional artistic skills, however her main interest is in the graphic designing. She creates beautiful digital paintings based on her research and knowledge on Islamic art from all around the world.

Using the Library and collection to find inspiration

She loves to do research on Islamic architecturand & historical objects from different centuries. Amber visited MIA Library many times to complete her research on Islamic art history. She enjoyed reading books about pottery, carpets and architecture which helped her in completing her research. She was really inspired by several books of her interest which include: Islamic Art N-6260. M6913 - 2010, Islamic Art and Architecture N-6260. I725-2004, Iznik NK-4340-I9-A82714-1990.

Creating designs

Amber recreates Islamic art with a modern twist. Each of her designs tells a story about a specific time from old ages how fascinating it was, keeping the main identity of historical Islamic art she took elements/motifs from Iznik pottery, geometric designs from Islamic architecture combined them together and made beautiful patterns. She loves to show Islamic art in interesting modern versions.

The Finished product

Amber Rauf had an exhibition "Islamic Prints and Patterns" at the Grand Hyatt Doha her artwork were on display for more than a month. Currently 8 of her finest designs are exhibited at MIA library for 3 months.
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