• Ramadan at MIA

    Ramadan at MIA


Each night for the first two weeks of Ramadan, MIA will be offering a wide selection of activities for the whole family – from lectures and poetry recitals for adults, to the MIA Bazaar and walk-in craft activities for children and families.

Talks & Lectures


All our lectures will be in Arabic and English so why not take the opportunity to come and learn more about Ramadan from a wide variety of speakers including MIA Curators, QU and QFIS professors and members of Qatar institutions and communities.  Translation will be provided for lectures only.  

9:00pm, Thursday 17 May - Dr. Mounia Chekab Abudaya

Representations of Mecca and Medina in the collection of MIA

10:00pm, Friday 18 May - Dr. Fethi Ahmed

Ramadan and Community Excellence

9:00pm, Saturday 19 May - Nasser Al Hajri

The History of Marriage in the Islamic World

9:00pm, Sunday 20 May - Khalifa Al Said

Ramadan in the Past

10:00pm, Monday 21 May - Dr. Fethi Ahmed

The Mosque as an Institution in Qatar Knowledge Society

9:00pm, Saturday 26 May  - Dr. Moain Sadeq

The City of Cordoba and its Great Mosque: Islamic history, Architecture and Art

9:00pm, Sunday 27 May - Dr. Tara Desjardins

Feasting in Islamic Art

9:00pm, Monday 28 May

Poetry Evening with the Mauritanian Community

Family Activities & Garangao


We aim to make your visit to MIA during the holy month as special as possible  Why not come and participate in one of the following activities:

Make Ramadan-themed crafts with your family such as mosque lamps, moon and stars

Listen to storytelling sessions with our library team

Take one of our special Ramadan tehemed guided tours

Borrow one of our new Ramadan Family Backpacks and explore the galleries together? 

There’s something going on every night from 8:30 – 10:30.  

Our Ramadan celebrations will finish with our Garangao event on Monday 28 May 2018.  Join us for an evening of activities, storytelling and of course, traditional gift giving all in the beautiful setting on the MIA. 

MIA Bazaar


Join us for a magical Iftar in the MIA Park.  During Ramadan, MIA Bazaar will open from 7:00pm – Midnight selling foods and handicrafts for all the family from over 100 different stalls.