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Find this object in the India and Turkey 16th-18th century Gallery on Floor 3

This gem-set enamelled gold falcon was made in India during the period of Mughal rule across South Asia (1526 – 1858 CE). This object is interesting not only for its artistic beauty, but also for the wide range of materials that have been used in its creation. Enamel, a kind of melted glass, is used to create this falcon’s coloured feathers. The white enamelled chest is decorated with feather markings in very dark green enamel that resembles cloud bands or tiger stripes, and is embellished at the centre with a golden sapphire set in an octagonal collet. This falcon also has a sapphire and emerald-set beak and wears a faceted emerald cap.

JE.69.2001, India, 1628 – 1649 CE

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