• Park Bazaar


Bazaar season begins from January 3rd to April 25th 2020 on all weekends.

To book the stalls, please follow these steps:
1) Download and print the application form
2) Complete application form
3) Scan and submit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening timings:
Friday (2pm – 8pm)
Saturday (12pm – 8pm)

MIA Park Bazaar is a modern version of the Old Souq tradition with vibrant mix of around 120 stalls. You can browse and buy handcraft, accessories, paintings, clothing, food, jewelry, photography and art.
So, if you’re looking for interesting or unique gifts, the bazaar offers a wealth of options for both young and old visitors.MIA Park Bazaar

Rules & Regulations:

1. Vendors need to bring the following items to present to IN-Q management:
- Please bring original and valid Qatar ID (vendor and one helper/assistant) on the day of bazaar (no table will be provided without the proper identification).
- Please bring a copy of online approval or present a soft copy at the registration desk to avail your table.

2. Only one table per family is allowed
3. Shop owners or other retailers are not allowed to participate in the bazaar. IN-Q management is the final decision maker for the vendor selection.
4. Vendors can only sell one item category per table.
5. Please cooperate with the Bazaar Manager/Organizers and security staff and follow their instructions at all times.
6. After off-loading your items, please park your vehicle within the designated parking area immediately, before moving your merchandise to your assigned table.
7. No vendor may leave the bazaar until CLOSING TIME or if you have sold out items.
8. IN-Q management has the right to cancel/change the bazaar day due to weather condition or for any such matter. Vendors will be notified by email if in the event of any.
9. Please do not leave any personal items unattended at any time.
10. It is strictly forbidden to bring or use a gas cylinder or any live fire to the park.
11. Under no circumstances will the following be allowed: cooking, heating, warming, boiling or grilling of food.
12. Each table should be fully covered with a table cloth to cover the table legs up until the grass surface, so that all your belongings are hidden underneath the table. No clutter is allowed in the area surrounding the table.
13. Set-up procedures:

The set-up timings will be according to category



10:30am-11:30am – Yellow & Orange

9am-10am - Yellow & Orange

11:30am-12:30pm – Red & Green

10am - 10:30am - Red & Green

12:30pm-1:30pm – Blue

10:30am -11:30am - Blue

14. Any vendor arriving after 1:30 PM on Friday or 11:30 AM on Saturday will not be allowed to set up their table. All set-up timings should be respected.
15. If vendors arrive later than 15 minutes after the designated time frame, the vendors will not be permitted to set up the stall.
16. IN-Q management is not responsible for any damages/losses during the bazaar.
17. Sale of prohibited items is strictly forbidden.
18. If a vendor can’t participate, please inform IN-Q management in advance so the table can be allocated to the next vendor.
19. Vendors must have the badges provided by IN-Q management at all times and should return it back to IN-Q management after the bazaar day. The badges and table allocated must not be exchanged with other vendors.
20. MIA bazaar is free of charge initially and will be charged from Q1 2020. Please follow the website for updates.
21. Vendors can book the space for a maximum of two weekends and if more is required, the vendor will have to repeat the application process. Booking the table for the whole season is not allowed.
22. Deadline to apply for the bazaar will be Thursday, a week prior to bazaar day. All selected vendors will be notified by email the following Tuesday, two days prior to bazaar day.

For e.g. If the Bazaar starts on Jan3rd (Friday)-Jan4th (Saturday), the last day for application to be submitted will be Dec 26th (Thursday) and the vendors need to be notified before end of Dec 31st (Tuesday). Any application received after Dec 26th will be considered for the next Bazaar day, which is Jan 17th –Jan 18th.

23. Please adhere to MIA’s dress code at all times. Modest and appropriate dress is required for anyone working at your table.
24. Kinldy note that it is strictly forbidden to sale Fake brand items at MIA BAZAAR.

If in any case any vendor does not abide by these rules and regulations, IN-Q management reserves the right to prevent these vendors from participating in the bazaar either on a one-off basis or on a permanent basis.

* Products are sold at MIA Park Bazaar by local vendors and are brought/consumed at purchaser’s own risk. IN-Q/MIA/Qatar Museums are not involved with the production or sale of the goods and do not accept any liability in the respect of the goods.