A teacher surrounded by children is giving a school tour at the Museum of Islamic Art

Tours for School Groups

Experienced guides lead school groups on customised tours of our permanent collection, special exhibitions and library.

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Permanent Gallery Tour

Grades 3–12

If you have never been to our museum before, or are looking for a tour to inspire and support projects and classroom activities, then this is the tour for you! Join us as we explain the basis of Islamic Art and introduce you to the highlights of our collection. This tour complements the history & citizenship and art curriculums particularly, as well as discussing subjects from the mathematics and science curriculums in terms of geometry and materials.

Calligraphy, Science and Architecture in Art Tour

Grades 3-12

This new tour has been designed to link with aspects of the different subject curriculums. Students will learn about science in Islamic civilisation by exploring MIA's scientific instruments, manuscripts and natural materials. These tours are designed as a starting point for further activities in the classroom.

For more information on resources for educators, stories and other content related to schools, please visit our Schools page.

General Tours

Our public tours run on the following days in the noted languages. These tours all run from 12pm:

Sundays and Thursdays in English
Tuesdays in Arabic

Check our What’s On page for other current tour information.