Tribute to Sheikh Saoud Al Thani



The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) will pay tribute to HE Sheikh Saoud bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Thani who was so influential in the constitution of collections for Qatar Museums and the state of Qatar in general. Sheikh Saoud’s legacy as a collector is of crucial importance to Qatar Museums as he laid the foundations of the major collections within the institution. Parts of the collection are on display at MIA, but others remain in storage. This exhibition will significantly contribute to shedding light on objects that have never been displayed in Qatar before.

Sheikh Saoud was passionate about cabinets of curiosities and the combination between natural history and antiquities in particular. The exhibition will pay tribute to his collecting vision through an eclectic display including natural history, antiquities, jewellery, photography and modern and contemporary artworks that will recall the cabinets of curiosities’ tradition. Despite the fact that the Gulf region has a longstanding history of collecting practices, Sheikh Saoud can be considered one of the last princes who amassed thousands of very diverse objects for his country with a real passion and eye for arts and culture. To his vast collections, he added a conservation facility to preserve and breed endangered species at his Al-Wabra farm, which gained world-wide admiration.