• Doha Hind

    Doha Hind


The Doha Hind

Córdoba, Spain, 950-1010

Formed in the shape of a hind (female deer), this fountainhead would originally have stood beside a pool in the palace-city of Madinat al-Zahra, near the city of Córdoba in southern Spain. Water would have flowed up through a pipe leading into the base on which she stands, before passing through her hollow body and out through the mouth.

It is quite certain that this represents a royal animal, as shown by her decoration. Not only is her mane plaited, but she appears to be wearing a textile; the pattern stops on either side of her belly, and ends in tassels. It is also very likely that she would have formed part of a group of such animals, all spurting water from their mouths.

Another deer, extremely similar in form and decoration, is now in a museum in Córdoba, and the decoration, form and composition of the metal used link the Doha Hind to a ‘zoo’ of large bronze animals, both real and fantastical.

The Doha Hind