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MIA’s online tours introduce you to some of the masterpiece objects on display in the museum. Take the online tour and visit the museum to see the objects in person. MIA Visitor Services staff at reception or in the galleries will be happy to help you find these objects.

Chinese Trail

Learn more about the historical relationships which have shaped Chinese and Islamic art since as early as the 9th century and can be seen in many of the pieces in our collection today.

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Science in Art Tour

In this tour, you will see and learn about the achievements and contributions of Muslim scientists through history. The eight objects have an obvious scientific purpose or show how science has influenced artistic methods.

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Highlights Tour

This tour highlights ten masterpieces from MIA's collection and illustrates major principles of Islamic Art. Take this tour online, in preparation for your visit to MIA, where you will see these masterpiece objects on display.

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Family Tour

When you visit MIA, we suggest that you help your children find these objects in the galleries; answer the questions together as you go around. Start in the Introductory Gallery at the top of the stairs on Floor 2.

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Guided Tours